Cortado Workplace for iOS


Work just as with your desktop computer by way of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

  • Access your files at anytime
  • Edit documents
  • Print directly to nearly any printer, without turning on a PC
  • Save and print files from other programs
  • Document encryption
  • 10 GB free online storage included

New in Version 7.4

  • Swipe to navigate while previewing pictures 
  • Access Camera Roll or take pictures or videos to upload afterwards
  • Resume cancelled up- or downloads
  • Cortado Workplace 7 is now compatible with iOS 8

Cortado Workplace is free and available on the App Store.

The quick guide leads you through your first steps with Cortado Workplace for iOS. View the quick guide »

Feature Details

Access Your Files

With the Cortado Workplace app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, access files stored in your Workplace online storage at anytime and work just as on your desktop computer. Documents can be displayed, easily managed, edited via 3rd party apps, sent via e-mail or printed. Access to your Workplace account via PC, Mac or notebook is also possible using the HTML5 version.


Edit Documents

Once you open a document on your iOS device to view it in Workplace, a button labeled “Open in…” opens with a selection of all apps that support editing of the selected file on your device, e. g. Documents To Go, Quick Office, Pages, Numbers or Keynote. This feature also includes the possibility to import PDFs to iBooks and Stanza for example without having to connect your device to a computer running iTunes. Edited documents can be subsequently stored in your Workplace account.


Search for files

It’s easy to lose track of things especially with a large number of files. The integrated search feature allows you to quickly find the right file you are looking for in your Workplace directory. By simply clicking on the magnifier icon you can search selected folders for specific subfolders or file names.


Cloud Printing: Print directly to nearly any printer, without turning on a PC

Cortado Workplace includes the best printing solution for iOS devices. Print documents from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to nearly any printer that can connect via Wi-Fi to the device. To this end Cortado currently hosts more than 6,000 printer drivers and thanks to feedback from over 35,000 users, ensures that drivers are continuously updated and expanded.


Save and print files from other programs

Use Workplace functions for documents from other programs, such as Good Reader, Keynote, Pages or for attachments from the e-mail program. Via the Open In Cortado function, you can save documents directly to the local drive of the Workplace app and can for example, then print them.


Scan documents and convert to PDF

Scan-to-PDF automatically converts anything you scan with the camera of your device² into a PDF document, which you can then easily forward by e-mail or even print out. Paper documents like contracts, letters, business cards, memos, or white boards can now be copied and sent in no time with this feature.


Convenient and secure file sharing

Are you often faced with the challenge of sending large files such as presentations, photos or videos? The standard way via e-mail places a burden not just on your mailbox storage, but often simply doesn’t work due to restrictions imposed on file size by the e-mail provider. With Cortado’s file sharing feature, you can easily and securely exchange files online. Instead of the file, a personalized link is sent, allowing only the authorized person to access the shared file. In addition, the preview option allows the receiver to benefit from a data-optimized preview of the shared file. When it comes to large files and mobile devices this can help save time and reduce costs.


Get what you want even faster with Favorites

Do you have favorite vacation photos or a folder with important files that you regularly want to access? Designate individual files or even entire folders as Favorites and access them directly. Access via the Favorites button is easy and gives you an instant overview of all your favorite files and folders.


10 GB free online storage included

10 GB of free online storage provides a central point for your files and documents. This can be accessed not only with the Workplace app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch but also via the internet. With the user-friendly web interface, files and folders can be effortlessly managed using a PC, Mac or notebook.



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