on the user

The best design is based on constant user feedback. That is why we are allowing you to experience our iOS 7 version at an early stage. You will find our Cortado Workplace 7 app in the App Store and it can be installed along with the existing Cortado Workplace app. Not all features have yet been implemented, and we are striving hard to make the usability an even more enjoyable experience. We are sure you will love this new app just as much as we do.

Maximum productivity

for business and private users

iPads and iPhones are indispensable companions not only for private use, but also in everyday business life. Since the introduction of apps with iOS 2 and the first iPad with iOS 3.2, we have focused on providing maximum freedom when away from desktops and traditional office-based situations. With more than 350,000 workplace users, a wide variety of enterprise customers and a couple of iOS versions later, now is the time to bring together our experience and rethink our app from the ground up.

Secure file handling

beyond app boundaries

iOS 7 delivers not just an entirely new design, it introduces the principle of managed apps for business use. Until now, only content within an app could be securely managed. Now, sharing files within a group of independent apps is possible, provided a suitable application management system such as Cortado Corporate Server is used. It is no longer enough to just offer self-contained apps. What professional users need and want are easy-to-use apps, offering the tools required to complete tasks, and which are able to securely and productively work with each other.

Shorter processes, fewer taps,

tasks completed even faster!

Time is such a valuable resource, that’s why we’ve made Cortado Workplace 7 not just much faster, we also designed the user experience to be far more efficient. With numerous improvements like the new Inbox feature for storing all added files centrally, we enable full and instant mobile productivity for both new and power users.

Content comes first –

Focusing on what’s essential

The Web-to-PDF feature is now available in the new Page2PDF app. The deliberate decision not to eliminate specific design elements which did not affect the functionality of the app, is one of the main achievements of Cortado Workplace 7. Features and functions are more clearly identifiable from another and the focus returns to what is most important inside the app – your content.


integration with iOS 7

With our new app we incorporated iOS 7 into our own design principles. Naturally, you will find various elements in Cortado Workplace 7, which also define iOS 7. The new flat design or the font as a design element. These are just some of the many elements implemented, all with the vision to create the best productivity app for iOS 7.

Clear contrasts, simple legibility –

even in difficult lighting conditions

Apple earned a lot of praise, but also some critique of its new operating system, especially for the poor readability of the font and the lack of a clear contrast. The aim of Cortado Workplace 7 is to harmonize with iOS 7 and where possible, to be even better. Due to high-contrast outlining of defined areas, we ensure the best usability even in bad lighting conditions. The improved readability follows from the use of an alternative, more user-friendly font.

And we haven’t stopped there.

You can look forward to the following improvements coming soon:

Implementation of iOS 7 swipe gestures for even quicker navigation.

Smart filing to save documents back to the cloud even faster.

Auto Download will return as additional favorites, making use even easier.